Copepod nauplii-A suitable feed for the hatchlings of yellow tail Damsel (Neopomocentrus nemurus)





Author :Ravichandran Saravanan, Packiaraj Vijayanand and Santhanam Rajagopal



The present investigation was carried out to observe the suitable feed for the larvae of yellow tail damsel fish Neopomocentrus nemurus. Egg clutches were obtained from a single pair was maintained in 200 liter circular tanks under controlled conditions. Eggs were laid in earthen pots and male guarded the clutch until they hatched. Hatching took place 89 to 107h at 29 °C after post fertilization. Larvae were divided into two different experimental groups and fed on different feeding combinations in order to find out the first initial suitable feed for larval survival and growth. First group (Group A) was fed with Brachionus plicatilis and second one (Group B) with mixed copepod. Highest survival rates (7%) were observed when the mixed copepod offered to the larvae forms (Group B). This shows that mixed copepod is the most important suitable feed for rearing the young ones of yellow tail damsel fish N. nemurus.


Key words:Yellow tail damsel, Neopomocentrus nemurus, livefeed, copepod, hatchlings.


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